About Us

who are we

An online store selling cosmetics to meet the needs of customers and their requirements for cosmetics for personal and home use and in the interest of managing the site to provide the best products and selecting them with great care and from internationally documented sources. The main goal was to satisfy the site’s customers and to provide high-quality products with international and international certificates from different countries of the world for the cosmetic industry Hygienic safety and with international specifications and standards, proven by authenticated certificates. The administration of the site is based on its keenness to apply the best standards to give positive results that meet everyone's acceptance

The products provided by the site: -

1- Hair care products

2- Different types of skin products

3- Spa and massage products

4- Electric hair products

5- High quality brushes

6- Nail products

7- Products of the body

Services : -

1- Delivery to any place in the State of Kuwait

2- After sales service

3- Gift service (conditions apply)

 Gifts: Request gift wrapping at least a day before delivery

   Sending the name and address of the recipient in detail and accurately 

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