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Product Information

The peeling night serum with 10% glycolic acid is a real remedy for acne and problematic skin. It smoothes the skin, reduces imperfections and brightens discolorations. Glycolic acid normalizes the level of sebum secretion and unblocks and narrows the pores. In combination with birch water and niacinamide, it soothes inflammation and accelerates the healing of lesions. Thanks to its properties, it brightens and refreshes the skin, giving it a radiant glow.
 Glycolic acid is one of the most effective AHA acids. Due to its amazing properties, it is an effective tool in the fight against acne and imperfections. It exfoliates dead skin cells, deeply cleansing the skin, revealing a brighter and more youthful complexion. Glycolic acid reduces skin discoloration, evens out its color and stimulates collagen fibers to rebuild. In addition, it reduces the visibility of wrinkles and prevents their formation. Thanks to it, the skin becomes smooth, radiant and thoroughly cleansed.
The vitamin B3 contained in the composition penetrates deep into the skin, regulating the production of sebum and narrowing the pores. It fights blemishes and acne, and also soothes redness and soothes inflammation. In addition, it reduces the production of melanin in the skin, thanks to which it lightens pigmentation discoloration. It stimulates the production of ceramides that rebuild the hydrolipid barrier, increasing resistance to the negative effects of external factors. Vitamin B3, in addition to protection, provides antioxidant activity, inhibiting free radicals. In addition, it stimulates collagen production and improves skin firmness and tension.
Aloe water perfectly moisturizes, regenerates and soothes irritations. Aloe vera substances penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing and caring for it. Due to its antiseptic properties, it reduces inflammation and reduces acne lesions. Additionally, it accelerates skin renewal at the cellular level, aligning its structure. In combination with birch water, it cleans and brightens the skin, thanks to which it eliminates discoloration. Birch water, thanks to the betulin it contains, regulates the secretion of sebum. Makes the skin look fresh and radiant.
Serum with glycolic acid will make the skin regenerated, cleansed and velvety smooth.
How to use:-
Apply a small amount in the evening to cleansed face, neck and décolleté. Gently massage it in and let it absorb completely. Use before applying cream / oil. Do not use with other preparations containing retinol. During the treatment, it is necessary to use day creams with SPF 50 filter and avoid exposure to UV radiation.
Skin type and cosmetic defects for which this product may be helpful:
Mixed skin
oily skin
acne skin
skin with discoloration
contaminated skin
Attention! Do not use the product with:
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Next Level Retinol 1%
size :- 30 ml