Staramydlarnia - home spa bath -shower gel greek 250 ml

KWD 5.000

Staramydlarnia -home spa bath -shower gel greek250 ml

Product Information

Natural and nourishing bath and shower gel perfectly cares for the skin, leaving it silky smooth without causing irritation. The gel with innovative formula with grape extract, provitamin B5, vegetable glycerin and neutral pH thoroughly cleanses the skin of any impurities. The grape extract has an antioxidant, moisturizing effect and improves skin firmness. A warm, fruity aroma fills the entire bathroom.
97.2% ingredients of natural origin *
* applies to the mass ratio of ingredients, including water / dermatologically tested.


Pour a small amount of gel to the water or on a sponge and gently massage the damp skin. Rinse after bath.

SIZE :-250ml