Staramydlarnia - shampoo bar grapefruit 70g

KWD 5.000

Staramydlarnia - shampoo bar grapefruit70g

Product Information

The shampoo bar contains shea butter, inulin, panthenol and vitamin E. Panthenol soothes the scalp, facilitates combing and prevents split ends. Perfect for travel. Perfectly cleanses and nourishes the hair, leaving it smooth and silky.
97,2% ingredients of natural origin*
applies to the mass ratio of ingredients, dermatologically tested.
For all hair types especially lacking vitality and frizzy.
how to use :-
Wet the shampoo bar and spread on the wetted hair, make foam massaging into scalp, then rinse. The bar will last up to about 65-80 washes.
size :- 70 g