Staramydlarnia - home spa body butter manuka 200ml

KWD 5.000

Staramydlarnia - home spa body butter manuka 200 ml

Product Information

Natural body butter based on avocado oil, shea butter and Manuka honey from New Zealand, which is a wealth of nutrients, antioxidants, vitamins, flavonoids and minerals. The delicate, velvety formula with allantoin, panthenol, squalane and vitamin E is perfectly absorbed and restores skin comfort and smoothness. Manuka honey is rich in a large number of nutrients, supporting skin regeneration. Regularly used, it prevents water loss, thus limiting the ageing process of the skin.
96,8% ingredients of natural origin*
applies to the mass ratio of ingredients, including water / dermatologically tested.

For skin that requires moisturizing.  
Apply on the skin and massage until absorbed.
SIZE :-200 ml