Brand Nacomi
KWD 5.750


Product Information

Silky smooth skin like never before.
Created on the basis of natural oils and extracts, the soufflé has strong moisturizing properties. By stimulating the natural processes of skin renewal, it quickly reduces discoloration and clogged pores. Thanks to coconut water, it effectively cleans the pores. The kinetin contained in it has an antioxidant effect - it inhibits the formation of wrinkles. Manuka honey extract soothes irritated skin and reduces redness. In addition, almond milk in combination with tapioca smoothes and softens rough skin.
The composition enriched with Macadamia oil reduces minor scars and discoloration. Macadamia oil, known for its firming properties, stimulates skin microcirculation and significantly improves the work of the lymphatic system. Copper, together with hydrolyzed rice proteins, stimulates the production of collagen and fibroblasts in the skin. In addition, it prevents the loss of firmness and elasticity of its structure and inhibits the MMP enzyme, which significantly contributes to the destruction of collagen fibers.
Moisturizing injection
The soybean oil contained in the composition protects the skin against moisture loss and provides protection against the harmful effects of external factors. In addition, it smoothes, moisturizes and tones the skin and affects faster regeneration of the epidermis. Hyaluronic acid intensely moisturizes the skin and acts as a structural support, ensuring tension and elasticity. It helps to contain the damaged hydro-lipid layer, instantly tightens and smoothes the skin.
The composition of glycosaminoglycan hydrolysates and yeast extract is responsible for keeping water in the epidermis, thanks to which it moisturizes, softens and smoothes it. Glycoproteins, as the plant equivalent of snail mucus, intensely regenerate your skin. They stimulate the production of collagen and elastin and prevent skin dryness. Glycerin has a very strong hygroscopic effect. In combination with lecithin, it helps active substances penetrate deep into the skin, thanks to which it becomes not only intensely moisturized but also nourished from the inside.
Thanks to the regular use of the soufflé, your skin will become smoother, tighter and more moisturized for a long time!
How to use
Apply a small amount of the cream on the cleansed skin of the face and massage it in gently.

50 ml