Brand Nacomi
KWD 5.500


Product Information

Cleansing face foam with soothing marshmallow extract gently cleanses and smoothes the skin at the same time . Based on natural and biodegradable washing ingredients, it does not cause irritation. Marshmallow is an ideal ingredient for people with sensitive skin . Moisturizes, tightens and gently firms the skin. Your complexion will become smooth and your pores will be visibly narrowed .
A gentle way to clean skin and narrow pores.
Gypsophila paniculata, in addition to its gentle washing action, prevents inflammation and promotes healing. It unblocks the pores of the skin, making cleansed and clearly narrowed skin almost invisible. In addition, it supports the penetration of nutrients into the tissues. Shikakai nut extract is an excellent detergent that has been used for centuries. Thanks to the natural content of saponins and a mild pH, it cleans without disturbing the lipid layer of the epidermis. Clean, smooth and radiant skin will become your calling card.
The soothing power of nature.
Marshmallow extract regenerates the skin and accelerates wound healing. It acts as a soothing dressing for irritated, dry and hypersensitive skin. It will make it smooth, moisturized and visibly toned. It helps to maintain the proper level of hyaluronic acid in the skin, thus preventing the formation of wrinkles. What's more, it counteracts the so-called "Chicken feet" under the eyes and stimulates the healing process and cell renewal.
Natural regeneration.
Egyptian hummingbird fruit extract helps not only effectively and gently cleanse the skin, but also stimulates its regeneration. Rich in active substances, including proteins, lipids, flavonoids and organic acids, it softens and supports the reconstruction of the skin. Thanks to deep nourishment, the regenerated skin looks much younger.
Perfectly smooth, elastic and elastic skin at your fingertips!
How to use
The shake off before use. Apply the right amount of foam to your hand, wash your face until your skin is clean. Wash off with water. Avoid contact with the eyes.