Brand Nacomi
KWD 5.500


Product Information


Are you looking for a way to stop your face skin from being dry and red after washing? How about a foam that not only does not irritate but also soothes and moisturizes the skin ?

Based on mild washing substances, it gently but effectively cleans and cleans . Additionally, it will delay the skin aging process. The blueberry extract contained in it has anti-inflammatory properties, which helps soothe irritations. Use the foam regularly, and the skin will be moisturized , smooth and visibly elasticized .
Cleansing without irritation
Bilberry extract has anti-inflammatory properties and soothes irritations. In addition, it smoothes, brightens and firms dry and flabby skin. The complex of B vitamins contained in the extract prevents acne and seborrhoeic changes. Thanks to its properties, it will soothe your skin and bring immediate relief.
Gentle by nature
Thanks to the natural content of saponins and a mild pH, Shikakai extract is an excellent washing agent. In a gentle way, thoroughly cleanses without disturbing the lipid layer of the epidermis. As a result, it does not dry out and does not irritate the skin. Shikakai nut extract contains large amounts of vitamin C and vitamins A, D, E and K. It has antibacterial properties, protects the skin against fungal infections and soothes inflammation. It is perfect for the care of sensitive and prone to irritation skin. The gypsophila panicle contained in the composition, in addition to a gentle washing and cleansing effect, supports the penetration of other active substances into the skin. Natural detergents selected in this way will leave the skin clean, and at the same time firm and soothed.
The skin is like new
Egyptian hummingbird fruit extract helps not only effectively and gently cleanse the skin, but also stimulates its regeneration. Rich in active substances, including proteins, lipids, flavonoids and organic acids, it softens and supports the reconstruction of the skin. It will make it fresh and radiant.
Make your facial skin elastic and supple without irritation. Forget about dryness and redness!
How to use
The shake off before use. Apply the right amount of foam to your hand, wash your face until your skin is clean. Wash off with water. Avoid contact with the eyes.