vollare - Algae body cream 250 ml

KWD 5.000

vollar - algae body cream 250 ml

Product Information

The most modern smoothing and moisturizing body cream for the skin with seaweed extracts with a very high content of active ingredients. Relieves tired and dry skin with immediate and long-lasting hydration thanks to the content of green algae and seawater.
The natural antioxidants and seaweed extracts in the body cream work in three layers:
1. protect skin cells from harmful external influences;
2. have antioxidant properties, thus protecting the skin against premature aging;
3. restore proper skin hydration, accelerate skin regeneration processes.
4. Stimulates skin renewal, has a strong soothing and moisturizing effect.

how to use :-
Apply the cream all over the body and spread it evenly.

 size 250 ml