NACOMI - Bamboo Scented Creamy Body Butter with Coconut Milk 100ml

Brand Nacomi
KWD 4.500

NACOMI - Bamboo Scented Creamy Body Butter with Coconut Milk 100ml

Product Information

Delicate bamboo notes blend with the enticing scent of coconut milk. Are you in good condition? You will become better! This creamy body butter, in addition to its pleasant scent, contains a wealth of natural ingredients that combine to provide your skin with intense nourishment and hydration.
This body butter with a delicate, creamy texture will restore the skin's natural softness, elasticity and healthy appearance. The shea butter contained in it, known for its moisturizing and regenerating properties, will deeply nourish your skin and make it smoother and radiant. In addition, cocoa butter helps rejuvenate the skin, providing protection against harmful external factors.

Thanks to sunflower oil and macadamia oil, our butter provides the skin with essential fatty acids that help soften it and enhance its elasticity and elasticity. Sorbitol, a natural humectant, attracts and retains moisture in the skin, ensuring optimal hydration for a long time.
The formula, enriched with coconut water, perfectly moisturizes and refreshes the skin, leaving it radiant and full of energy. In addition, coconut water unifies skin tone, and along with the vitamin E it contains, helps protect the skin from the harmful effects of free radicals, and maintain its youthful appearance.
How to use:-

Massage a small amount of butter onto the skin until completely absorbed
Size:- 100 ml.