NACOMI - Body Butter Plum & Black Cherry 100ml

Brand Nacomi
KWD 4.500

NACOMI - Body Butter Plum & Black Cherry 100ml

Product Information

Give your skin a radiant glow and intense hydration with this Plum & Black Cherry scented body butter, which combines the beneficial properties of Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E. Let yourself be swept into a vortex of pure joy and breathe deeply into this aromatic paradise for your skin, body and soul. The body butter will make every touch more pleasant and the skin will become visibly firmer, smoother and more velvety.

Its formula, enriched with Shea Butter, Macadamia Oil and Vitamin E, will leave you feeling confident and beautiful in your skin. Shea Butter, known for its highly moisturizing properties, penetrates deeply into the skin, restoring its elasticity and silky softness. This natural butter, rich in vitamins and antioxidants, protects it from negative external factors.
Macadamia oil is a vegetable oil rich in nutrients and moisturizing ingredients, ideal for care. Its light texture allows it to penetrate deep into the skin, providing it with a dose of nutrients. It moisturizes and rejuvenates the skin and prevents water loss from the skin, thus protecting it from dryness and dehydration. Moreover, it supports the fight against cellulite and soothes irritation. Thanks to it, skin that has lost its firmness can becom

How to use:-
Communities warm a little corn and massage it on the skin. Size: -100 ml
e firm and elastic again.