holify - hair SHAMPOO bamboo extract & salicy 300ml

Brand holify
KWD 5.000

holify - hair SHAMPOO 300ml

Product Information

Do you want your hair to become extremely soft, smooth and shiny?
Restore intense hydration with our hair shampoo. Created specifically
for the care of dry and dull hair, it is an ideal method for all those
who want to regain the healthy shine of their hairstyle. Gently
cleanses, smoothes and deeply moisturizes the hair and strengthens the
protective barrier of the scalp, reducing itching and the feeling of
Based on mild cleansing substances, it gently removes
impurities, leaving your hair clean, fresh and light. But that's not
all! Our secret lies in the ingredients that penetrate deep into the
hair, providing it with long-lasting protection and moisturization.

and sorbitol create a perfect duo which, thanks to their properties,
creates a thin protective layer, securing the structure of the hair
fibers and retaining moisture inside. Rice proteins provide hair with
essential nutrients. By strengthening the hair structure, they protect
it against damage and restore its natural elasticity. Your hair will
become more resistant to everyday stressors, such as heat styling and
exposure to pollution.
Additionally, the shampoo contains the
COBIOBALANCE prebiotic, which harmonizes the natural processes of the
scalp, which will contribute to the better condition of your hair. By
stimulating the skin's natural defense mechanisms and protecting the
microbiome, it restores skin comfort and maintains a healthy microflora.
Reach for moisturizing shampoo from HOLIFY and enjoy healthy, beautiful hair
SIZE:- 300 ML