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KWD 8.000

Product Information

Special features

Softer than the PROFESSIONAL version

Effectiveness in the fight against cellulite confirmed by research

Helpful with ingrown hairs after shaving

Unrivaled for smooth-peeling

Facilitates the absorption of creams thanks to micro-massage

FSC® certificate


SILD® antibacterial membrane

From now on, you can perform anti-cellulite treatments at home thanks to  CeluStoper® HOME.  An innovative tool to fight this eternal enemy of women - cellulite. It is an ideal tool for systematic cleansing of the skin by removing dead epidermis thanks to micromassage with small elastic sticks on the surface of CeluStoper®. 

Additionally, the softened, flexible surface reduces fat cells and stimulates microcirculation thanks to  intensive massage , thus significantly improving skin tone and firmness. 

CeluStoper®  is perfect for the problem of hairs that are ingrown after shaving the legs. On the second or third day after shaving, it is enough to lightly wipe the CeluStoper®  skinto remove blocking cuticle. The flexible rods in  CeluStoper® exfoliate the skin in a natural way, preventing the hairs from growing inwards