NACOMI - Hair Serum -Sweet Almond Oil 40 ML

Brand Nacomi
KWD 5.000

NACOMI Hair Serum -Sweet Almond Oil 40 ML

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Product Information

Hair tip serum . Sweet almond oil contained in the serum extremely moisturizes and smoothes the hair, giving it a shiny appearance. Used regularly, it improves the condition of the hair ends.
Is your hair damaged? Styling, durable, dyeing and winter climate - all these factors make our strands lose their shine, dry and rough to the touch. Such hair needs special care.
Perfectly nourishes and moisturizes , has soothing properties , tones and does not cause allergies . Due to the rich resources of vitamins B, A and E, mineral salts and proteins , it is ideal for the care of all skin types, especially sensitive, dry and very dry skin. Preventsskin aging and it is one of the oldest and most valued oils in cosmetics.

how to use
Remember to comb your hair well before each washing , thanks to which you will get rid of impurities and your strands will be washed more thoroughly .
Apply a small amount of our product to your fingertips and rub into the ends of your hair. Let it dry.

size ;- 40 ml