Nacomi - MACADAMIA ( 50ML ) With pipette

Brand Nacomi
KWD 4.000

Product Information

This gift of nature is a bomb of vitamins and minerals for our body. Thanks to its light consistency , it absorbs immediately without leaving a greasy film. It contains palmitic acid (omega 7) deeply moisturizes and nourishes the skin from the inside. It occurs as a natural ingredient, but less and less with age. It is enough to include macadamia oil in your daily care to make the skin elastic and regain its healthy appearance .

Nacomi Macadamia Oil Fragrance Free nourishes and rejuvenates damaged skin throughout the body. Valuable in the fight against stretch marks and cellulite, when the skin needs hydration, elasticity and firmness. Rejuvenates damaged, tired and dry hair, soothes irritation after sunbathing. An ideal complement as an addition to lotions, creams, masks and balms.
To care for dry skin with cellulite problems, it has anti-wrinkle properties. Perfect for a relaxing massage.the use
How to use:-
Rub a small amount of oil between your hands, then apply it to the skin of the face and body. Use it on the hair: As a mask: rub it on the skin and hair, then wash it with shampoo. As a protective shield against the sun, sand, wind or chlorine, simply apply it to the ends of the hair.
Massage a small amount of oil into the skin of the face and body.
Massage macadamia oil onto the part of the body that requires replenishment or moisturization, depending on the needs.
size :- 50 ml
Massage a small amount of oil into the skin of the face and body.