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KWD 15.000

Product Information

Facial massage is a way to look young, known for centuries in Eastern cultures. Massage products based on semi-precious stones improve skin tone and blood supply, relax and strengthen weakened muscles. Find out more about the secret of youth hidden in an inconspicuous roller.
The power of nature in stone form.
The FLUFF face roller is made of amethyst, whose positive effect is especially appreciated by the inhabitants of Asia. It is called the " stone of harmony and relaxation ". This stone is believed to relieve headaches and migraines. It restores inner peace to people prone to stress. In addition, it helps in concentration and ensures healthy and restful sleep.
Facial massager - keep your skin looking young for a long time.
Roller massage is a natural way to make our face look several years younger in just a few movements . The natural coolness generated by the stone reduces puffiness and dark circles under the eyes and improves blood circulation. In addition, it closes the pores of the skin, thanks to which it restores its healthier, even color. After just a few roller strokes, the swelling becomes visibly smaller.
The Amethyst massager also supports lymphatic drainage, which reduces the excess of accumulated toxins. The facial massage roller makes the skin relaxed and the facial muscles relaxed after a few minutes of treatment. Additionally, it smoothes fine lines and wrinkles and firms the skin. As a result, the contoured oval of the face looks slimmer, and the so far gray and tired complexion will turn into a smooth and radiant one.
The roller is equipped with two rollers of different sizes. The larger one will be perfect for face, neck or hand massage. With a smaller one, you can massage the nose area and the delicate and sensitive skin under the eyes. Moreover, when used with other skin care products, it increases their absorption. Use regularly and your skin will reward you with a young and healthy appearance.
 For a better cool effect, place the massager in the refrigerator before use.
face massage with amethyst jade stones
Do the massage on well-cleansed skin, from the middle area. Apply a few drops of your favorite serum or facial oil to make it easier to roll and to absorb faster. Repeat each movement 5-10 times .
1 . Start the treatment with the neck . To clear the lymphatic drainage canal, massage the supraclavicular area. Then, from the base of the neck, roll with a gentle movement towards the chin.
face massage with amethyst jade stones
2 . The next step is the chin . Starting from the center, move the shaft in a longitudinal and radial motion towards the back of the ear.
3 . Then it's time for the jaw . Beginning at the chin, roll up and out towards the ear. Periodically move from the ear towards the supraclavicular nodes.
 face massage with amethyst jade stones
4 . Another element is the cheeks . Here, as before, massage upwards and outwards, from the nose towards the ear.
5 . Using a small roller, massage the skin under the eyes from the inner corner of the eye towards the ear. As this area is very sensitive, be sure to do it gently and with sensitivity.
face massage with amethyst jade stones
6 . The final stage is the forehead . Start from the center of it (the point between the eyebrows). While massaging upwards over the eye area, gradually move along the hairline towards the ear to push the toxins out towards the lymph nodes.